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As fellow students we understand the problems that face the modern student. 45% of high school and middle school students report being “over stressed” from the amount of work they receive. Furthermore, 39% of students need tutoring to ensure academic success. Our goal is to help students achieve their peak academic potential, through our highly qualified tutors. Here at XplainED, we offer competitive pricing and excellent tutors. Our tutors come from a diverse academic background which includes earning top grades in some of the hardest classes offered. For example, some of our tutors have a variety of academic awards in math competitions and science competitions. We also offer bulk pricing for our tutoring sessions, which means you pay less the more sessions you buy. We understand the problems that face the modern student and hope to ensure their success in all the academic challenges that come their way.

Our Funds

XplainED offers competitive pricing, with costs for one-one-one tutoring sessions starting from 24 dollars an hour. In addition, although a stipend is given to the tutor, we use all other proceeds from these sessions to help fund our nonprofit works, including our free summer programs and seminars. We also use the money for large ambitious projects, including teacher grants. The funds from tutoring thus provide the support to help drive our initiative.

Pricing Chart

Tutoring for all elementary and middle school courses costs $24/hr.

The pricing for our high school regular and honors courses costs $24/hr/

All AP courses (excluding languages and Research) costs $30/hr

All other AP Courses not described in the above section cost $40/hr. This section also includes all dual enrollment classes that we cover. Please contact us to see which dual enrollment courses we tutor for.

If you would like to get tutored for content not listed above, please contact us at

to schedule an appointment, contact us via text or email