Our Projects

After School Math Clubs

There is no doubt that STEM is becoming the future of the world. But with the usual way that it is taught in schools, many young students find it difficult to create a passion for it, often seeing important subjects such as math as simply boring. Here at XPLAINed, our goal is to expose every student to the true meaning of pure mathematics and help them find interests that would have otherwise laid dormant in this field.

In the math clubs, we generally begin by presenting problems to provoke the students’ thoughts. Students first begin the problems independently, but then are soon encouraged to interact with their peers to experience how mathematicians truly work in the real world: collaboration. A proof-based solution will then be presented; in this way, everything in the answer is aligned to expose the beauty of mathematics. After the initial problems, students may then be taught applications of what they taught, either through an imaginary scenario or a game.
The goal of the after school math clubs is to make every student grow an appreciation for math. By creating love for the subject, students are more likely to excel at it. We are currently carrying out one weekly after school free math program at Howard Drive Elementary that teaches students this “fun” math: math with creative approaches.

After School Chess Clubs

Chess is a powerful, yet tough game. Here at XPLAINed, we operate chess clubs to help expand our mission of bringing quality education to children. By opening chess clubs, we hope to not only teach students this old game, but to also increase their cognitive skills and strategic thinking. 
At the chess clubs, we typically begin with a lecture, teaching students tactics to widen their strategic thinking. After, we open many games, allowing students to apply their newly taught subjects on the board. 
We currently work with members of the Miami Palmetto Senior High Chess club who wish to help spread their love for chess to others, and operate one chess club at Howard Drive Elementary.

Our Work